Welcome to Summer School 2019
"Optimization in Process Sciences and Process Simulation"
12 - 23 August 2019
Venue: Gd. 14 Kampus Itenas, Bandung, Indonesia

This workshop will provide basic knowledge and typical applications of modeling, simulation and optimization in a two-week course.
The first week will focus on the introduction and simulation of reaction mechanisms. The basis of the simulations is the use of the simulation software “Berkeley Madonna”. The workshop begins with the introduction to theory and software. It then deals with simple reactions, followed by the design of reactors to the simulation of complex processes.
In the second week, knowledge about the use of the modeling, simulation and optimization environment "MOSAICmodeling" will be imparted. The workshop uses MOSAICmodeling to convey the elements of process modeling, process simulation and process optimization to the participants.


Prof. Reinhard Schomäker

TU Berlin

Prof. Michael Schwarze

TU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Jens Repke

TU Berlin

Dr-Ing. Erik Esche

TU Berlin



  • Lecturer's Presentation
  • Software Training (MOSAICmodelling and Berkeley Madonna)
  • Excursion to PT. Pupuk Kujang
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • TOEFL score min. 500
  • EGPA min. 3.00 (4.00 scale)
  • Max. 30 years old (due 01 August 2019)
  • Own a laptop that could run Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Fees, Features & Facilities

Fees: Features: Facilities:
  • General participants (IDR 5.000.000)
  • Lecturer or Researcher (IDR 3.000.000)
  • Magister Student or Ph.D Candidate (IDR 2.000.000)
  • Training Materials
  • Certificate
  • Lisence of MOSAICmodelling software
  • Meals
  • Training Materials
  • Certificate
  • Lisence of MOSAICmodelling software
  • Meals

30 Participants are eligible to enroll

Selected participants will be contacted via email by 09 August 2019



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